Richard Busch - Semiconductor Technology Executive in Austin, Texas

Richard Busch of Austin, Texas

A resident of Austin, Texas, Richard Busch has been part of the semiconductor technology industry for more than 30 years. He has served as an executive in areas like technology development, product design, and general management and currently runs his own consulting group The Busch Group. Previously, Richard Busch has worked for IBM as vice president of POWER systems, where he managed the team that delivered the POWER 8 microprocessor used inside IBM's high performance 'Watson' natural language computer. At GLOBALFOUNDRIES as its vice president of IP strategy and product line management, he was responsible for the creation of the company's IP strategy across all sites worldwide and delivered impressive financial results. Under the leadership of Richard Busch, the company increased its IP investment by a factor of four.

Before coming to Austin, Mr. Busch spent much of his career with IBM in Burlington, VT, filling various roles in semiconductor design and related fields. In the 1980s, he was a semiconductor process engineer, and he later became a part of the company's microprocessor chip design and development team. He moved into the management realm in the late 1980s, working on some of the company's major projects before eventually becoming the vice president of power systems technology development.